General Observation on my Editor Crashes

I recently started using blueprints again in order to work on a project for the marketplace. I’m almost always writing C++ in the engine so I never had many issues with crashes aside from my own programming errors. I have noticed that since I began using blueprints again in 4.7 and now into 4.8, the editor crashes quite often (typically 5-10 times a day). Over the few months, I did notice a pattern of when my editor crashes. Whenever I have the event graph in Persona open along with the blueprint editor event graph open, and I toggle back and forth working in both, a crash occurs commonly when either or both event graphs are not fully zoomed in and one is trying to bring up the blueprints of the tab I just switched to.

I’m not sure if others experience a similar crash, but I did want to share this observation just in case it can help narrow down where a bug might exist.