General newbie Game level design question; handling custom events

I am looking for the general approach & game design concepts (better if explained in terms of blueprint, but not critical) on custom events in a game. helpful also if anyone have link to any document or tutorial on it.

I have a general idea & made some simple examples of game with a single gamplay mechanics & control, but I am unsure what is the best approach when handling custom events within a game.

For instance, say I am in a shooter, & the main game is design as a shooter, & the control is typically of a shooter, with mouse using to look, & WASD for movement, mouse click to shoot.

Then I have to access a panel, & say type in a code, say 2356, & the game will have to change to a different control mapping (say enable standard windows mouse movement to access the panel), & logic (like the memory game on marketpalce for instance).

What is the general approach to do that?


You can always check how the memory game was made :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will check it out. Any one have any other recommendations.