General Multiplayer Questions

I’ve begun my dive into multiplayer with Unreal. I’ve read through eXi’s manual, read the wiki and collected my remaining questions here.

1) Do I need to use the CreatePlayer node for LAN or online play? Or is this just for split screen? Does this node just create a controller, a default pawn, and a player state?

2) Does joining a session automatically create a new player controller and pawn assigned to the joining client? If there is an unused player controller will it be assigned to the joining client instead of a new one?

3) Is there a difference between Player Controller IDs and Player Controller Indexes?

4) When mixing split screen and networked play, what’s a good way to make sure I’m running functions on the correct player? Should I create and fill my own array of player controllers?

5) Does anyone have any warnings or advice about mixing split screen and networked play? For example, two players on one computer with a friend joining via internet.

I’d really appreciate any advice. Thanks.

If making a Multiplayer game wasn’t hard enough I can only imagine the extra headache of trying to add another dimension with Split-Screen :slight_smile: Since the Online Framework is built around having one PlayerController per device I don’t see any straight forward way of adding more Players per Device without making it a separate game instance.

Perhaps it is already built in but I am not aware of it.