General Information?

So I have a few years of programming experience with Java, HTML, C, and C++… But never used UE4. I have a few questions:

  1. What language does UE4 run on?
  2. How does monetization of projects work? (AKA how do I make money off of a game?)
  3. How far do the capabilities of UE4 go?
  4. Are there any tutorials that would be helpful for a beginner?
  5. How much memory at the minimum should my laptop have to be able to run UE4 optimally?

Thanks in advance.
~ Your friendly neighbourhood ape

1-C++ but you can also do most things using a node based Blueprints within the editor
2-you pay 5% royalty each quarter for profits beyond $3,000 a quarter (so if you make $3,000 that quarter then you don’t pay anything)
3-that’s a very broad question, what do you want to do?
4-there’s many tutorials along with documentation:

5-Ideal would be 16GB or more, but I wouldn’t run it with less than 8GB. What’s more important is the graphics card, most laptops use the integrated Intel GPU which is not up to the task. You need a dedicated AMD or Nvidia GPU.

Thanks for the advice. I use a Macbook Air, 16 GB, so memory-wise I should be fine, but my graphics card is an Intel HD 6000, which I’m not too sure I can just swap out of my computer, so can I just run it with the Intel card? And ignore question 3, I realized it was pretty general after you mentioned it Dx

Alas an Integrated chip is probably not gonna cut it…

How does the model creation work (i.e. 3D modeling? How do I edit a model)? And is there a place where I can simply go and edit the source code rather than using the interface? Also will I be able to even do 3D modeling and rendering with an Intel 6000 :/?

~ Your friendly neighbourhood ape

You can try it, but you’re not going to get good performance on there–making games requires more resources than the final game itself.

For making 3D models, you need some program like Blender (free), Maya, or 3ds Max. For the UE4 source code, after registering you can get access to the source from Github and do your game coding there. You’ll still need to design things in the editor interface but you can modify the editor and engine in C++ and you can use Blueprints to design gameplay from within the editor without having to mess with C++

Hi Baboon McGee.

These FAQs may help you: