General Info, Known Issues and Quick Fixes!

Hey everyone and welcome to the Robo Recall Mod Kit! Here will live a growing list of information, known issues, and some quick fixes that you can use for building mods!

**General Info

  • Mission 1-1 is available inside the Robo Recall mod kit as an example of how we built our missions. The other missions are not in the build, so loading them in editor will just take you back to the hub area.
  • Pawn mods only take affect inside missions launched from the mod menu. When you’re in the starting menus or hub, you won’t see the affects take place.
  • To create code mods, you have to have a compiler installed (such as Visual Studio 2015). If you’re wondering why those options are not in the menu, that would be why :slight_smile:
  • You can directly subclass OdinWeapon for Weapons, OdinCharacter for Enemies, VR_Pawn for the player pawn and Flying_Boss for the boss if you choose not to use the menu.
  • You can update your mod’s meta info inside the Edit->Plugins Menu. Use this to change versions and descriptions before cooking :cool:
  • Weapon mods have two booleans on them - “AffectsPlayer” and “AffectsEnemy”. Use these to allow or restrict access to these weapons for either the player or enemy. If they’re selected, they will be used by the appropriate character.

Known Issues & Quick Fixes

  • From the “Create Mod” menu, Bipeds are currently having issues with their removable limbs. Arms will tear off correctly, but the head and legs will run into snags. This will be addressed in an upcoming update.

  • QUICK FIX - If you’re making Biped mods and you want to customize the tearable limbs, you can choose the appropriate class from the Right Click-> New Blueprint option inside the Content Browser folder of your mod.

  • From the “Create Mod” menu, the Drone currently has a problem with the material on its lazer beam when fired and it will render as black. This will be addressed in an upcoming update.

  • QUICK FIX - You can either create the drone from the New Blueprint option when you right click inside your mod’s content browser, or do this inside your construction script.

Hi Chance! Thanks to you and the Team for making Robo Recall! I’ve been having fun and learning a lot going through the modkit.

Above you say “Pawn mods only take affect inside missions launched from the mod menu.” Does this mean gun mods can be played in the normal game mode (i.e. selecting a mission from the city hologram)? Or do all mods only work inside maps launched from the mods menu? When playing from the editor and I select a mission from the holotable city missions I don’t seem to see my gunmod take effect.

Thank you .I am a beginner. I feel hard but i will learn still.

Crashes when attempting to play in editor after a simple data change, I am using Oculus Rift. I started following the Epic tutorial for robo recall modding, his first lesson is changing how much ammo the pistol has. Attempting to simply change the ammo number data in the editor and hitting play after compiling simply crashes the engine. Specifically, it takes a long time to try and load and then crashes.

Appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks.

@RTE1984 I think that may just be an installation error, I’ve done that billions of times during mods and it hasn’t ever crashed on me. You might uninstall and reinstall the editor.

If you have any other questions, check out 's help sections, they’ve got lots of good info there!