General Info: Are axes going to be fixed in the next update?

I’m curious, why are x, y and z axis how they are? X is forward / back, Y is left / right, and Z is up and down… Will it be changed to X - Left / right | Y - Up / Down | Z - Forward / Back? OR: is there a setting where I can change this myself?

Isn’t that just a convention of various 3D applications?

To me, Z was always UP and XY were the flat 2D horizontal plane, at least from a 3D modelling point of view.

But when looking at the screen as a projection to the viewer, I guess Z would be the “depth.” so that Z-buffer depth term makes sense.

Either way, I don’t think axes will change as it would mess things up with importing assets among other things.

You’re right, I’m used to Unity, and I just realized that the axes are the same in Blender as in UE4, which is cool because that was a problem with Blender and Unity. So this is actually a good thing, one less step for me to do in order to import :smiley: