General Discussion/Questions About Game Developement

Hello, My name is Kevin and I’m an absolute beginner with C++ (preferred language at my University). I had taken AP computer science in high school which concentrated on Java. As of right now, I had just finished up my freshman year at University of Massachusetts Lowell studying Electrical & Computer Engineering. I realized that my niche is in computer science when I found myself trying to learn different aspects of app development such as the basics of Xcode and Swift. After many hours of misused time trying to learn computer science rather than my assigned work as an EECE major, I decided to act on my interests and passion for computer science and change majors. To help me practice for my upcoming semester as a CS major, I had purchased a Udemy course that teaches you some C++ and how to build games using Unreal editor. Now that you know a little bit about me, I invite you to introduce yourself to this discussion and post any questions or whatever that you may have. I have found that the best way to learn is through teaching/helping other people, at least for me. As they present themselves, I will post any questions or problems I come across in this discussion.

Hi Kevin, I teach game design with Unreal to 11th and 12th grade students. We primarily use blue prints with just a general understanding of C++ in our projects. I am thinking about teaching the first AP Computer Science course in our school district and after reading your post about spending time learning languages other than C++, confirms that Unreal, C++ and AP Computer Science is the perfect combination for my new course. What do you think?