General Development and Consulting (Gameplay Programming, UI, Game Design)

STATUS: Currently unavailable for the foreseeable future, and details of this post may be outdated. But please feel free to reach out anyway, I’m always happy to have a chat and stay in touch for future opportunities. Also happy to help out with some free advice as much as time allows.

About Me

39, German, currently located in Germany. I’m a full-time freelancer primarily offering gameplay programming, design, and general consulting services. I’m extremely passionate about what I do, and what I do is help make your projects a success by any means possible! :slight_smile:

My approach to development is very much focused on the user experience, which means that I always look for the path of least resistance rather than getting lost in technical details. I believe that one of the keys to a successful (game) project is to identify opportunities to make the largest impact with the least amount of investment. I also care about the experience of my fellow developers and always make sure to keep my code clear and easy to maintain.

Development Skills

• C++ and Blueprint Development

• UI / UX Design

• Game Design

• Comfortable with Source Control (Git / Subversion / Perforce) and other common project management software

• Shark taming*


• Over 20 years of general experience as a self-taught programmer with a large number of languages, frameworks, and toolkits

• About six years of full-time experience as a freelance developer on Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprint and C++)

• Several years of experience as an independent game developer (Adobe AIR / Flash)

• Several years of experience working on open source projects (including work on the graphical aspects of a mobile operating system as a contractor for Nokia)

• Extensive knowledge about UI and game design principles as well as practical experience designing projects ranging from the former default theme of Ubuntu to complete games

Work Samples

As a fan of classic multiplayer shooters, one of the first things I did to familiarise myself with Unreal Engine 4 was to port Quake-like movement physics to the Shooter Game demo:

Unlike some other solutions floating around, this is implemented with pure C++ code which is cleanly integrated into the existing Unreal movement component, so it takes full advantage of Unreal’s advanced movement features and efficient multiplayer replication.

I also joined the Urban Terror project as a volunteer to help port the former Quake 3 total conversion mod to Unreal Engine 4. You can read about my contributions on my blog on the site, but this video showcases a lot of what I have been working on:

I have implemented classic arena shooter movement (strafe jumping, bunny hopping, etc) for several projects now and I’m extremely familiar with the ins and outs of it. So if this is something you are interested in, you should definitely contact me.

For Islands of Nyne I have created much of the UI, designed and implemented a rather unique and effective rating system for Battle Royale style games, and among other things worked on gameplay mechanics and lag compensation. One of the things people universally praised about the game were the responsive controls and gunplay, I dare say that I can take some credit for that.

Multiplayer FPS in general are a specialty of mine and I have a lot of experience with best practices regarding lag compensation, movement, gunplay, etc. But I’m just as comfortable working on any other genre. For other clients I have worked on RTS mechanics, survival game mechanics, space flight mechanics, and more.

Previous Work

Before working with Unreal Engine, I have been an independent Flash game developer. Battle Scribes and Wisp are two mini games I have released, but most significantly I have spent several years working full time as part of a two-man team to develop Fearless Fantasy which was eventually released on Steam and for mobile devices. Aside from all of the programming, I have also done most of the UI design as well much of the game design specifics.

The game has received quite positive reviews, especially on mobile devices:

Prior to that I got some experience with corporate environments and agile development inside Nokia’s headquarters in Helsinki, where among other things I’ve worked on the software for the Nokia N9:

Rates and Services

I am currently looking for contract work with secured funding. I can work fulltime for a fixed monthly rate with flexible hours (which is ideal to combine predictable billing with unpredictable crunch times) or standard hourly rates. I try to keep my hourly rates reasonably low despite my level of experience, but the exact amount depends on many factors like duration of the contract, revenue share arrangements, and other specifics of your project.

I cannot unfortunately work for revenue share alone at this point, but feel free to reach out if you are still in the funding process. I am always happy to provide advice and to discuss options for the time after.

I can work remotely from Germany (best option) or temporarily relocate anywhere within the European Union.


If any of this sounds potentially interesting to you, then I’d love to have a chat with you so we can informally discuss your project and how I may be able to help you out!

You can best reach me by email to, or on Discord (Zenity#1435). Forum messages and thread replies are also welcome.

Many thanks for reading all this, and have a great day!

Daniel is the most professional, talented and well rounded developer / consultant that is available anywhere. Both his development contributions and consulting guidance to my game have proven vital to my game’s progress. Seeking the indie world’s best, I hired him in October 2015, and he has loyally assisted me in getting my UE4 indie title passed through Steam Greenlight and now nearing its release date on the Steam store.

I have personally searched through thousands of forums posts regarding potential developer hirings. Out of the small group of the most professional developers I could locate, Daniel has shown to be the most experienced and always keeps my project moving forward.

Thanks Michael, always the friend of colourful words! :smiley:

We have worked with Daniel on a MOBA/RTS game demo to showcase gameplay concepts. He had to decipher scriptsing from another programmer and make everything work. After working with several freelancers, we have to say that Daniel is one of the best among them! He is always professional, offers solutions to problems, and always delivers what he agrees to. He is a great asset to any game development team and we highly recommend him!

Hello. We here at Paul’s House are interested in hiring you for your shark taming skills. According to your work resume how many sharks would you say you’ve tamed in your career? How many have remained tamed?

  • Claims of shark taming skills may be exaggerated.

Have to say Dan is an excellent freelancer. Were currently working with him and his professional work ethic, skill, friendliness and initiative are outstanding. His pricing is also quite fair, my only regret is not finding this guy sooner ^^

It’s been a good while, but I am indeed available again. I’ve updated the original post to be more up to date. Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to know more!

Available again. The ongoing crisis has put a couple of projects on hold, and I’ve been spending a lot of time learning new things and working on side projects. In particular I’ve been focusing more on core software engineering skills and as a result I have become interested in a wider range of programming related work. I’m also quite open to non-gaming related jobs (e.g. VR or tools development).

As a special offer during the current situation, I’d like to test drive a “pay what you want” consulting arrangement. The idea is that you introduce your project to me, your budget, and what you need help with. I’ll help in any way I can, depending on my availability and interest, and you pay me whatever you feel my help was worth. I’ll adjust my time involvement based on how much you pay me and how interesting your project is. If you need something specific done we can always discuss a fixed price arrangement for the job, and the more familiar I am already with your project, the better value I can provide you for those.

If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to send me a message on Discord (Zenity#1435) and we can informally chat about it. Without commitments this should be completely risk-free for both sides and at the very least we’ll get a new connection out of it, which is always a good thing :slight_smile:

Of course I am also still available for standard contracts (remote only for now…), but even in that case the consulting arrangement could be useful for a trial or introduction phase.