General Blueprint Crash :(

Hi! I just deleted 4.9.2 and installed 4.10. I am complete new to UE4 so I was following a blueprint tutorial. Then I realized I cannot create any blueprint. I right clicked in content browser, click “Blueprint Class”, and then it stuck forever that I had to close the whole engine via task manager. I could see there is another window at the bottom of the screen which affiliated to UE4 window, named “Pick Parent Class”. It just never showed up. In the task manager the engine didn’t respond. It would be fatal if I cannot use blueprint. Do you have any idea or experience on this one? Should I delete the whole engine and re-download it or there is a fix or a patch? Thanks!

Did you ever find a fix for this? I’m running into this, too.


Do you in any way work on an already existing project or did you create a new one and tried it there? It could be a corrupted update installation or maybe a corrupted blueprint.
I had similar issues with it in the past, but it might be a different problem with you guys.

Hey, Im currently running into this issue too. I have not figure out a solution out yet but hopefully someone can fix it.

Can you post the log where your getting the error?
The last bits of said log normally say what was last being in action before the crash, and likely the cause of the crash.