geminigea - free game

Hello to all the Community!
Finally I’ve finished my game: geminigea.:slight_smile:
It is a First Person Shooter game with elements of adventure set in distant
future where human race is extincted.
The game has been fully designed and developed by myself, as personal challenge,
using UDK.

Action takes place accross seven levels, three of them in openworld,
with presence of Aliens, Artificial Intelligence and our Hero.
The game is available for free in my website
There is also a demo ready to be downloaded.
Here there are four photos of my game




and the cinematic opening video


Here is the trailer Our Hero

This is the link to the Youtube channel

I hope you will enjoy playing geminigea!!

Bye! :smiley:


The overall tone of your game seems to be inspired by ‘Halo’ series.
The planet explosion by laser cannon is very cool!

If your game supports network play, It will be more better.

I’ve fixed a problem on my website for downloading the game. Hope everything works fine. Please let me know if you have any problems while downloading game. Thanks!! Bye!

Hellooooo!! Long time no see! Game moved to website
Everything is free!!:slight_smile: