"Gemini - Episode 1" - Action RPG - Require 3D/2D Artists.

Hi there,

I am Antony Wells. I have been coding since the 90’s, and have just begun a project using Unreal Engine 4.21, entitled “Gemini” - Gemini is a reference to a corperation
within the game’s world, that create the world’s first Sentient Androids.
These Androids eventually cause more trouble than good, and after one makes an “Analytical” error, they are deemed unfit for society.
So the thousands of them in service, are set for destruction. Several of them form a faction, determined to survive.
How? By somehow adding emotions to their cognitive processing. So the game is you as one of these Androids, trying to save yourself and your fellow Androids.

This is a basic story outline, but I am more than willing to edit/change it, if we can make it better.

I am looking for the following positions.

  1. 3D Character designer/animators.
  2. Scene/Prop 3D artists.
  3. Music/Sound fx artists.
  4. Creative writer, to help write the story.
  5. Unreal Engine 4 - Editor/Designer. (C++/Blueprints etc)

Here is a link to a short video reel of my previous work, it’s by no means complete, but it’s still something.

We are using GitHub.

If you are at all interested, pls reply here, via pm, or direct email.

Thank you for your time.

Hello @AntRobWells,

I read some BladeRunner and IRobot influences in the plot. A Tad cliche, but, that’s ok. I do think the name ‘Gemini’ could have a deeper meaning with the Androids themselves with this statement ‘By somehow adding emotions to their cognitive processing.’ Sort of a ‘Dual’’ personality. Perhaps a new type control mechanic in which two players play as a single Android. This is achievable with a copilot mechanic. Perhaps you could actually incorporate some Machine Learning into the Androids. haha.

I like Royalties Projects. What is your strategy for monetization?

Yeah I love those two movies so no denying that. As for co-op, yeah I get what you mean, but testing it to see if it’s fun would decide that I guess. Nice idea though. As for money, not thought of it yet, though if it goes well we’d kickstarter or indiegogo it.