Geforce GTX 980 no signal HDMI output

Hey everyone, I just received my EVGA GTX 980 4gb today and upon installing it in my tower ran into an issue. When the HDMI wire is plugged into the card, the monitor says no signal and shuts off. What’s strange is that the card lights up when powered on, but the fans barely spin at a couple second intervals. Plug the HDMI directly into the motherboard, and it works fine. I’ve seen plenty of people who seem to be having this issue around the internet, but no clear solution. Have any of you ran into this problem with a GTX 980, or 970 as I heard they have the same issue? I spent $500 on the card and it doesn’t seem to be able to work, but I wanted to check and see if anyone may have solved this issue among this community before returning it to the manufacturer. Please let me know if you have any solution to this issue, thanks!

Sounds like you’re card is faulty… If you can, test the card in another computer.

What kind of PSU do you have?

Edit: Read this one?

I’ve heard only good things about EVGA supporting their GPUs, might be worth it to contact them as well.

If it works with dvi output try connecting the hdmi once its running…I have seen some older cards behave this way at times, hope you get it working or get a replacement quick

Yeah looks like the card is broken, I’ll send it back and try to have a new one sent out. The PSU meets the requirements, the port just seems to be broken. I don’t have a DVI, otherwise I’d try that. =P Thanks for the assistance. =)

I have a Reference GTX 980 and haven’t had any issues with it on the HDMI port so far.

As far as I know though, you can’t use the HDMI and Display Ports at the same time, it’s got to be one or the other. Don’t quote me on that though.

I was only trying to use the hdmi, don’t have any of the other cables. Good to know though, thanks. =)

Hope all gets fixed. I have suffered many a problem like this with my video card. It really sucks. Hope you’re computer gets fixed! :slight_smile:

Thanks 94! Hopefully the next one they send out isn’t a lemon either. =P

This is a very annoying issue i had today, it seems to be connected to my ram, the GTX 980 i have runs without issues on my older machine.

What i did was to reset the BIOS (Battery removal), then set the default GFX card to onboard (IGFX), but sometimes it seemed not to work for whatever reason, so this was very confusing. Eventually when i removed one of my RAM’s it got a HDMI signal again. It also sucked that my new GTX 980 does not have a D-SUB slot, and somehow it would not use the onboard D-SUB, only after switching to another GTX model to access the BIOS screen through that D-SUB, loading defaults, then after switching back to the GTX 980, the onboard D-SUB connected monitor worked again.

I just ended up getting a 970. Runs everything I throw at it, and ended up saving some money too. =)

That’s the right thing to do. 980’s are absolutely not worth the money unless an extra $200 is nothing for you.

I have some 980ti, connected 3 monitors, (2 trough dvi one with hdmi) and all works jut fine.
If you can plug monitor to motherboards integrated chip, do it, power pc.
Then see if that graphics card is detected, if there is no error. I think nvidia control panel will show you if there are some errors with card.
You should get second montior at least for testing.

Also are you really sure you connected those 2 additional power cables on top of card? Mast of time i am forced to use adaptors to convert poer lines from 2x3 pins to 2x4 pins, sometimes powering both adaptors from same psu line is not enough, they sometimes need 2 different power lines from psu. So make sure those additional power cables have connection.

I also would remove card from pcix slot check if there was nothing broken when you put it first time. And try another pcix slot.

Eliminate all other possible causes for malfunctioning before you send card back:

  • make sure additional power cables are connected and give power (would be great if you could borrow another nvidia card and see if it works)
  • check this card in different pcix slot, there could be some of those small contacts that does not work inside slot.
  • see if card is detected at all in nvidia control panel

Ps. do not lubricate that pcix slot or edge of card. My friend did it, contacts are shiny and do not oxidate, but when he sneezes his card pops out from slot.