Geforce GTX 8xx Series Announcement Coming Within Days

Hey Guys,

Got some pretty big news I think we all knew was coming. nVidia is definitely going to announce the 8xx series between now and the 17th. I’ve caught wind through a source that it looks like it is happening which I won’t go into specifics on. As well, I’ve been literally about to pull the plug on buying new parts for a workstation and noticed some very telling info the past couple of days. I’m a longtime EVGA supporter and have been carefully watching the 780 Ti prices the past couple of weeks on almost a daily basis. The 780 Ti and SC editions dropped drastically in price all of a sudden for about the past month. As of literally yesterday, I noticed the price shoot right back up to $719.99 without any rebates. Well, today, go take a look at the website and you will notice only the high-end SKUs of 780 Tis are still there and I haven’t checked any other website but I’m going to now look into this and see if all the makers just quietly dropped all standard 780 edition cards. It’s definitely coming people. :wink:

Honestly, no sane peoples will pay $700-800 for a gfx card, except if you hardly need it for development or specific app. And those with super expensive graphics cards are probable under 0.0001% from market. Most of peoples use something in 50-150 price range.

Interesting to see more details about GTX 8xx :slight_smile: And this is how my gfx card is getting “old”:slight_smile:

lots of people, hardcore gamers and graphics professionals, will not hesitate to pay 700-800 for a gfx card and it’s not because they are not sane, it’s because they spend massive amounts of their time either gaming or developing, it’s a good investment, i know people who will blow $700-$800 in a few weekends on booze and ****. I did drop $500 on a 770gtx, and was very close to dropping an extra $120-$150 at the time for a 780gtx. Would i buy myself the 8xx (upper end), no because my 770 runs everything just fine, but I will happily buy one for my wife (870 or 880, whatever comes out) to upgrade her from the 560 gt. We game together, so it more than pays for itself over time by providing a top notch gaming experiences and awesome memories.

I don’t see any point in even buying an 800 series card when the 20nm 900 series is going to be out this time next year. The performance gains from switching to the new architecture will be huge. And it’ll be somewhere around the same time as CV1 of the Rift. So unless you have a dying need of a new graphics card, it seems best to just wait it out.

I don’y know. If you wait for the next big thing, you’ll never buy anything! :slight_smile:

There’s no guarantee that the node shrink will come off without a hitch. Anyone who isn’t Intel seems to be having problems nowadays. And consoles will be the same slowcoaches they are currently, so you won’t need to spend top dollar on a top-of-the-line GPU so you can program something no-one can play. I say, if you want a better card, and you have the money now, buy now. I’m not even convinced you need anything more than a 780Ti, which I think is what the Epic workstations use.

Still, what do I know, I’m currently rocking a Titan. :slight_smile:

(I won it in a competition. Thanks, Zoostorm Computers!)

I personally just want a good card for a high end Rift experience ;D. If I was rich I’d get that new $3000 Titan Z card.

I totally agree with you, BUT those people STILL are under 0.0…01 from market. They pay even 1k+ for a GFX card because they need it or depend on it to make money, or money don’t matter for them. That’s one of differences between pro and regular consumer.

Hmm, I think now it will be a good time to get a older version of a nvidia gpu -> normally they should get cheaper now :slight_smile:

Wait for old stock or gently used 680’s to drop in price… and then you can OC it to a 780 / 690!

These were the apparent leaked 3D Mark Scores of the supposed 880 that leaked a while back. I also called EVGA support yesterday and they definitely discontinued the standard 780 Ti and Ti SC. It definitely sounds likes it’s coming…

Here is one of the links:

If these are more powerful and around the ~500 range, seems like its going to be a great purchase even for SLI

But I did hear a G2 revision will be coming next spring

EDIT: From what I understand, NVidia has a Grand Finale event scheduled for the 17th that’s stated to show gamers the next generation of GTX… I’m guessing that’s it, hopefully they come out shortly after

I agree that in recent years the prices got out of hand I think due to the whole mining craze. It looks like these cards will debut somewhere between 400-500, that’s probably why EVGA discontinued their standard editions. I hope that’s the case and they are more powerful and more affordable than the 780 Ti.

UPDATE: That’s weird, looks like EVGA put the cards back up on the website, looks like many people noticed this. Oh well, 4 more days till we find out for sure.

Remember guys.
Its a trade-off.

You can buy a $800 Nvidia card and know you will get a product that works.
You can also go with a $600 AMD card and get some extra goodies, but the drivers may or may not corrupt your computer.

I’m a Geforce guy, but I recently bought an AMD 290x.
I like it’s performance, but just a word of warning…please check your motherboard.

My computer has been BSOD’ing every other day.
It has happened with the 290x, and the 2 780tis I bought.
So why is this happening? The clip on the GPU slot of my motherboard broke… the card barely sits.
Which is why the 660ti worked (its so much smaller).

What I’m trying to say is, before you spend money on any card, pleasure ensure you have a motherboard that is worth it, if not upgrade that first.

~ Jason

In most cases the mainboard doesn’t matter. There shouldn’t be a lot of pressure on the PCIexpress slot, if you use the two screws to attach the GPU with the case.

I can’t wait for the first reviews of Intel’s Haswell-E. Especially the 5820K looks interesting.

I agree. The price is going to be pretty high but I’m at the limits as well and my system just can’t keep up with the demand. If I go Z97, this is what I am thinking…

CoolerMaster Cosmos II Case
Either a EVGA Z97 Classified or ASUS Maximus VII Formula Motherboard
Intel 4790K Devils Canyon Haswell i7
32 Gb of 1866Mhz DDR3 RAM
Intel 730 SSD
WD Black 4 TB
Not sure on PSU, prob 850 Watt Corsair or EVGA
LG BD-RW 16x Optical Drive
Maybe a NZXT Sentry III Fan Controller

This configuration looks good. I would go with a Sea Sonic PSU and a cheaper Mainboard (e.g. ASRock Z97 Extreme6). A aftermarket CPU cooler is missing.

I’m still using a three years old Intel 2500k and to be honest the performance is still fine. My next CPU should have at least 6 or 8(won’t be cheap) physical cores. I need more CPU power than GPU unless I’d upgrade my monitor (WQHD/4k).^^