Geforce Experience Ansel & UE4

Is anyone else having issue running Ansel in unreal 4.21 after updating to the latest drivers for Geforce Game Ready Version 419.67.

It will take snapshot but not photo mode in the unreal editor.


I’ve not gotten it to work on 4.20 in the last few versions of Nvidia’s software (drivers / experience). Not sure what to do. Getting a ‘can’t photograph in game menus’, etc. Desperate for a walk through on Nvidia Ansel on UE4. The couple I’ve seen don’t cover when there’s the slightest issue. Whitelisting isn’t the issue. But flat-out not able to access ansel in UE4 and documentation is sparse to non-existent.

What driver are you currently running RED_X_Strike? Also if anyone else is having this issue can you please post the driver that you are on. Talking with someone from Nvidea Customer Care.

I’m currently having the same type of issue in 4.21, It all started when I updated drivers on 03/25. It display’s “A supported game is required to use this feature”. The driver version is 419.67.

For an update:

The bug I reported is under investigation. Thanks for your patience.

So hopefully they can figure out how to fix this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. Since the Game ready driver 425.31 update on the 11th I get a similar error only it says, “Cannot photograph in-game videos, cutscenes, menus, or certain gameplay moments”

Here is something.

If you package a game and launch outside of unreal you can use Ansel. Ansel will not work if you launch a standalone in editor.

Hopefully we can that feature working again. :slight_smile:


Hi there. just shutoff all windows gaming features like xbox bar, gaming mode etc. and Yes! just find your project folder rightclick the project file and choose LAUNCH
Cheers happy capturing

Worked for me! Thanks :))