Gecko Game - 3D puzzle platformer with procedural animations

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a puzzle platformer about little gecko lizard in my free time.
Currently I’m working on a playtest demo which, I think, be available in a few months

Ask your questions! Any feedback be appreciated


Greetings, @Dude_x92; I hope you’re doing well! I cannot get over how adorable our little gecko friend was in your prototype video! Thank you for sharing your lovely w.i.p “Gecko Game” with us here in the forums. How long have you been working on this creation? Indeed it’s been some time since a playtest demo is around the corner. :eyes:

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Absolutely adorable little gecko friend. Looking forward to the playable demo :slight_smile:


hey there, any tips how you did your animations?
i am currently working on a frog game, and i cant find a usefull Ik/procedural animation tutorial…

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