Gears of War Maps Lighting Breaks After Build

Hi all, noob here. I’m using UDK that came with Gears of War GFWL edition. When I open the included maps, they display and test play correctly, as seen here.

However, if I don’t change anything in the map and simply click Build All, everything that isn’t a StaticMeshActor, i.e. the walls and floors, etc. have what I’m guessing to be their lighting messed up.

I’ve tried many different combinations of things, like selecting different light channels and switching affect dynamic and static.

I’ve tried deleting all of the lights on these levels and adding my own, but then all of the them turn black. However I can see the texture displaying normally when I shoot my gun and the muzzle flash lights up the floor. Is this something to do with the map already being exported? (Cooked?) Is it not possible to open a map like this and change the light colors a bit?

I hope this is a super obvious thing I’m just missing. Thanks for reading… Jack, rip that door.

I downloaded some re-made maps and was able to change the light colors without turning any textures black/multi-colored. So I’m thinking it’s something with the original maps. The glitched surfaces are always the strictly BSP surfaces (if that makes sense). Maybe the materials that cover the surfaces aren’t unpacking correctly? I wouldn’t mind this if I could simply add a new material, but that still turns “paintball” or black. Will keep trying to learn for myself here, thought I’d add what I’ve found…