Gears of War Map Design Idea

Hello all,
I was dreaming about Gears of War last night (Gears addict alert) and when I woke up I immediately drew the layout of the map because I thought it would be a great design to have in a future game. I was wondering where I would be able to post this image to have it looked at by a developer or someone who could make my dream become a reality. :slight_smile:


I have moved this to the off topic forum because this is the UE4 forum and the next gears of war isn’t being made by epic.

If you’re thinking that the Gears developers might be interested, you would have to go elsewhere since Epic sold Gears of War to Microsoft.

I think you should try to build the map yourself!
UE4 has plenty of free assets to get you through it.
But if you’re looking for just anyone at all to build it because you lack the skillsets… Then why not post it here?
Maybe somebody will see your design, like it, and decide to try and make it happen. :slight_smile:

Post the map here :slight_smile:

Sadly, I do lack the skillsets to create these on my own. :frowning:
So hear are three layouts I drew, (first, is the one straight from my dream, second is the “Dream Map” revamped to be a little more practical for the GOW gameplay, and third is another idea for a layout that I thought of): 0cf4e9c87efbae0a859eed92f155764cd0538955.jpeg 14ea41b937a0eb1a7b6ffb1f8aa4bc55b9781d97.jpeg 847824308445e6b382c0e2d7a75287bcf19d2bd5.jpeg

Cool… You should check out the new Unreal Tournament and user contributions for that. It will have to be “UT-themed” instead of “Gears-themed” though. But the map layouts apply nonetheless.