Gears of war inspired environment

Hi guys!, wanted to share a piece of work I made over the last 3 months for my uni course, It was originally made for UDK, but I have been porting it over to UE4 recently along with remaking textures for PBR in my free time.
its still pretty early on but hope you like it

I based It on a gears of war concept by John Liberto

Very nice, can’t wait to see the final product. Keep it up! =)

Very sexy stuff! I wish I got to do this kind of thing in uni :wink:

Looks 1by1 like the GoW Level design!

But, i would take the chinese letters out… kinda destroys the GoW feeling!

Nice work!

Looking good! Great scene.

thanks guys!, think im ready to call this done, heres my final shots

Wow incredible!! Love the lighting for this set piece awesome work!!

Very nice. I like the changes, good work.

soooo…if you wanted i could put these in a game for you…just you know…saying

It looks awesome!! The artistic ability of some people amazes me.

That looks awesome, I miss Gears!

Incredible! Well done

awesome project! do you have any breakdowns of your texturing methods or anything? Would love to know more about how you achieved this awesome quality.