Gears of War 4 Mod Tools

Hey y’all.

As many of you might of heard. Gears of War 4 is making a Windows 10 release. Now I still have Windows 7 but I’m willing to get Windows 10 assuming if Gears of War 4 has mod tools.

So my questions are

  1. Will Gears of War 4 have a Horde 3.0 mode as I heard?
  2. Will the PC version come with a UE4 editor so I can finally fulfill my dreams and make Horde maps?

That’s very unlikely, Epic doesn’t have anything to do with Gears of War anymore. Also, UE4 doesn’t support Universal Windows Platform so that makes it even more doubtful.

ah, so no Unreal Ed 4 for GOW4. What a rip off.

Depends on the company.

They might do it? Go to there forums and ask and see.

Maybe that will help?

It does, but I don’t believe that branch is ready for public consumption.

Since when? Last news I heard was that Tim Sweeney isn’t a fan and doesn’t plan on supporting it unless something significant changes.

Since several UE4 games are releasing (or already have been) as UWP games. Shadow Complex Remastered and Gears of War 4 are two examples.

That doesn’t mean that UE4 supports them, the engine source is available to anyone to add UWP support if they want it. Also, Shadow Complex Remastered is still on UE3. The editor that is available will not have UWP until Tim changes his mind on it, so that complicates any chance of there being a version of the editor for a UWP game that Epic doesn’t publish.

I’ll concede Shadow Complex, but news outlets have been reporting it’s UE4.

Sea of Thieves, Ark: Survival Evolved, Scalebound, State of Decay 2, We Happy Few, The Culling, Everspace - all UWP and all UE4. I strongly doubt all of these games independently reworked the engine to support UWP of their own accord. There is a branch.

Not all of those are necessarily UWP, certainly the ones that have a partnership with Microsoft probably are, but several of the games are already on PC without UWP.

They’re all UWP, and will be sold in the Windows Store as part of ‘Play Anywhere’. They have to be UWP to conform to the requirements for that.

Then that likely means that Microsoft is specifically helping them, since a number of the games are available already without UWP and UE4 supports Xbox One without it I don’t see a reason for them to change unless they’ve got a deal with Microsoft. If Epic already had it supported then there wouldn’t be any reason for them not to have it in the public version of the engine.

The MS conference at E3 seemed to strongly imply UWP support for UE4 given how many UE4 games were demoed running on it. It’s too big a coincidence.

For that to happen they would have had to have support for it while Tim was talking about how he doesn’t want to support it, so that would be a mixed message.

UWP support for UE4 is here.