Gear VR template

One thing that many devs, who are on the artistic side of things, would appreciate is a comprehensive Gear VR template, ready to be submitted to Oculus Store.

Core functionality required by Oculus, gaze control for 3D widget and interactive actors (buttons, doors, NPCs, etc.) on the level, various types of locomotion (regular FPS / TPS movement; phasing locomotion; combination of the two), Gear VR touchpad support (tap, double tap, tap and hold, swipes, swipe and hold, etc.), bluetooth gamepad support, back button support (based on Oculus specs), basic main/in-game/quit menus (with ability to bypass it in case someone wants to create a very basic VR experience that doesn’t need any menus), options menu (to tweak graphics for mobile VR, if it’s even possible), background level loading (maybe have small room-level loaded initially and while player is exploring it, load main level on the background).

Eventually it would be nice to add multiplayer, social features (when Oculus releases those), voice input, lipsync (standard Oculus feature since recently), screenshot/video recording, etc.