Gear vr open with message cannot load plug-in

it was totally fine in 4.14, and then I updated the engine to 4.16, build my project, and then installed it on my android phone, but when I put the gear vr head set on, I got an error messsage:

plug in ‘slateRemote’ Failed to load because module ‘slateRemote’ could not be found…

I am so confused, my project has nothing to do with slateRemote and the plug-in is not even checked in the plug in pannel.

so far, developing Gear VR using UE4 is a total disaster, with mobile HDR on, it can only run 30 FPS even with nothing inside the scene, without mobile HDR, all material will not have any reflection.

Please help me!!


WRT to your reflections comment you can use Reflection capture spheres/cubes to give baked reflections on objects without MobileHDR