[Gear VR] Mouse X and Y input axes don't work with touchpad

I recall Oculus suggested to used mouse axes for Gear VR’s touchpad swipes. Somehow it doesn’t work with UE4 on Gear VR :confused:

This is my test setup (below). On PC (in the Editor) when I move mouse by X, I get coordinates printed. On Gear VR coordinates are always zero :confused:


Full image: http://s32.postimg.org/6sj0gjzn7/gearvr_touchpad_test1.png

Is there a different way to work with touchpad in UE4 ? Is it a bug ?


Hi Motorsep,

There isn’t a mouse for Android so it is only touch events.


I see. Going off-topic, what if I want for a player to be able to use bluetooth keyboard and mouse, when playing on Android? (using Nvidia K1 tablet for example when streaming games from their service)