[Gear VR] Instanced static meshes with a material containing fresnel causes a crash on S7 Snapdragon devices

As per the subject line the following combination causes a signal 11 crash on S7 devices with a Snapdragon chipset:

Spawning an blueprint that adds an Instanced static mesh with a material containing a fresnel node causing a hardcrash of the device

With the help of Chris Babcock I was able to find this problem and it broke a running game :frowning:

Note: Snapdragon only is affected - Exynos S7 devices have no problems.

Hi Aussieburger,

I’ve talked with Chris on this one and I’ve reported this with UE-31051. This is something that has been passed along to Samsung and Qualcomm to investigate for the moment.

Thank you!


Do you see a message like this one in LogCat?:
W/Adreno-GSL(32053): : ioctl fd 34 code 0xc040094a (IOCTL_KGSL_GPU_COMMAND) failed: errno 35 Resource deadlock would occur

I unfortunately do not have a snapdragon device. Chris from epic was able to reproduce it for me.

Could you please make test apk for Oculus per Re: Major crash when using masked materials on S7 ... - Oculus Community - 468374 ?