[Gear VR] Event Receive Draw HUD doesn't get proper screen coordinates in 4.12.4

While 3D Widget rendering in VR (when parented directly to the camera) is broken, I draw global menu activation progress bar and crosshair in the HUD:


Full: https://s32.postimg.org/892f3rdub/ue4_draw_HUD_issue.png

That worked perfectly fine in 4.11.2 and both crosshair and progress bar were drawn dead in the center of the screen in Gear VR. However, in 4.12.4 same BP draws stuff off-centered in VR, but centered in PIE.

Here is VR capture: com Company GearVR test3 411v5 20160630 211155 - YouTube

Hi Motorsep,

There is a lot of assumption here with your setup, at least on my part. Can you please post detailed repro steps or a newly created project in 4.11 that reproduces the issue difference between 4.12.

Thank you!


Cool. Thanks for the details. Unfortunately, I don’t know everything about everything and wasn’t aware of this page in the documentation. I’ll take a look and update you with what I find. :slight_smile:

Hi Tim. Sorry for answering before motorsep, however I have exactly the same issue with Gear VR HUD which is a showstopper for us ( you can mark it as duplicate if necessary, here it is - GearVR HUD is misplaced - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums ).

Steps to reproduce are really simple:

  1. Create new First Person Shooter Template in 4.12 and configure it for Gear VR.
  2. Edit default HUD and connect DrawTexture node directly to draw HUD event.
  3. Run app on Gear VR and see displaced HUD.

Here are screenshots:

  1. Default HUD - it is disabled for VR:

  1. Enabled for VR HUD:

  1. Screenshot with bug:

As you can see, default FPS template HUD in 4.12 is effectively disabled for VR which makes me believe that someone at Epic is already aware of issue and disabled drawing HUD for VR. However, in 4.11 HUD is not disabled for VR and projects migrated from 4.11 suffer from issue. Please note that official Gear VR Global Menu tutorial is also broken because of this bug.

I hope provided information is enough.

What keaukraine said! Sorry, had a busy day at work, couldn’t make any examples.

I got some comparison screenshots made for my setup:

4.12 PIE:


4.12 Device:


4.11 Device (never mind low fps and black rocks):


BP setup (HUD class):


I want to confirm that the same issue happens to my GearVR build in 4.12.5. It works perfectly in Editor with PIE but in GearVR it seems to be offset a little to the right.
It works perfectly when I rebuild the project for 4.11.

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay, but this has now been reported with UE-34180.

Thank you!


I’m having similiar issues - in 4.13 - my project was perfect in 4.10 - now my progress bar back to the global menu is offset in the same way as described above. What’s the last version that this was working in - I may need to use that one unless there is a fix soon.


Hey Tim, any update on when this is likely to be fixed. I was planning on submitting my app this week and now I’m stuck.

Many thanks,


Hey Tim, any update on when this is likely to be fixed. I was planning on submitting my app this week and now I’m stuck.

Many thanks,


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix/side step this issue? Epic says on the bug report page “Use widgets, layers, or geometry instead” All well and good but I don’t know where to start with this kind of thing…