Gear Vr and arch viz

Does anyone have any examples of what an arch viz scene might look like on the Gear VR? i’m googling around but some how i’m not finding that much. I’ve found a few discussions where people generally say that its not worth the effort because of the end of result just not looking great but ive yet to see the end result.

Is this still the general opinion of the community with regards to making something in ue4 for the Gear?

I much prefer the Gear VR just because of the wireless nature and ease of it all. Add in a controller like the daydream has and it gets even better. I know the HTC Vive gives you a top end experience but currently it just feels a bit more effort to setup, using it is not that complicated but for clients I can see the ease of a Gear VR being greater than a Vive.

I’d really like to start making something for Gear VR and i may start this weekend if i have time but am i going to end up disappointed?

Do you want to make something full real-time or a 360 stereoscopic image? The second option allows better results afaik.

i have invested alot of time testing a full interactive interior apartment using s6 and gear vr my main problem was the heat i have scene after one minute of running the unreal engine application , crazy heat , but overall its a great tool specialy using a bluetooth controller

My aim would be to create an interactive scene. The ability to just move around to begin with. I can create 360 still images in 3DS max and corona easily enough.

Maybe the phones are not quite there yet if they over heat and struggle.

Could you show me a screenshot of what it looks like on mobile VR? PM me if you like. I may start investigating tomorrow to see what I can whip up.

Sorry for the late replay ,
the main idea of the Archviz Vr is to always check the android view quality before u start packaging to the mobile , this way u can test the lighting quality of ur project easily without wasting more time

Gear VR is the best VR device that will make u feel the same way in vive or oculus regardless of the quality part , so make sure that this ur tool as for the mobile this is something am still haven’t decide which mobile give the best quality and time in terms of heat issues ,