Gear vr 4k video top/bottom

i’m trying to deploy on a S8 and a GearVR a video top-bottom.
Video resolution is 4096x4096 with codec hvec .h265

I can see it without problem on desktop and in editor but on the s8 devices it doesn’t works.

I can play other video .h265 with lower resolution in the GearVR (2048x2048 for example) , but i’ll get a black screen on 4k video top/bottom.

I can also play the video just fine with the samsung vr player on the phone, so ther’s a limited resolution or any other issues related to unreal 4.18 media framework?

Anyone have news on this?

I’ve submitted a similar problem.

Comment on mine if we ever get an answer.


Anyone have news on this? No one are using 4k top/bottom video?