Gear Shifting

This issue was never resolved.
Blueprint Vehicle Component seems to take a gear change value 1 or -1 only.
If I understand the thread correctly, incrementing or forcing the gear to a different integer is not possible?

Switching automatic transmission off and Set Target Gear (immediate) does not work for you? Seems to work fine on my end.

For me, I can switch gears, but the effect on the vehicle speed doesn’t really seem right for gear 1 vs gear 12 at low speed.
If you are in gear 1 you will hit Max RPM for that gear fast, but shouldn’t move very fast. [I have this bit working, using a very flat Torque build up]
If you are in gear 12 at a low speed you should accelerate super slowly and you might even stop (but for me the speed ramps up unrestrictedly).