Gdtf support

Good evening everyone I am here to report the problem that arises when you go to use unreal engine 5 to create sets with DMX lights and devices it would be functional if to implement the MVR import it would be appropriate to settle the issue of importing GDTF files in in such a way as to also support the 3D model of the GDTF fixture so that once the GDTFs have been imported into unreal it is possible to work with tranquility and speed in the realization of a theatrical or live stage or even small projects. This thing will also be very useful and functional even once the import of the MVR format has been implemented because once the BP GDTFs have been imported into the CONTENENT BROWSER in unreal when the MVR file is imported which will then also import the DMX addresses included the patch of the fixtures and the location and all the other objects present on the project when you decide to import the fixtures with the GDTF file inside are automatically replaced with the GDTF files previously imported into unreal.
I hope this message helps you to improve and solve this problem !!!