GDPR conformity of the latest UE launcher update?

Hello again,

my last thread sadly vanished / I can’t access it anymore. I also got no message, PM or anything about it’s deletion.

So tomorrow is the definite go live of the GDPR. By that date all services in the EU need to be in compliance with the GDPR. The latest launcher update said:

  • Improved social analytics

Could you verify if that is in conformity with the GDPR?
What data is being analyzed?
How long is it saved?
Where can we inquire and access about what data is being gathered about us for social analysis (right of access)? General Data Protection Regulation - Wikipedia

If need be feel free to move this discussion to a private line (PM, E-Mail etc. - you got the data) but please don’t simply delete it again.

Thanks in advance and let’s be Epic :slight_smile:

Hi dottedfish.

I’m not the right person to answer this, but I just wanted you to know that your original post hasn’t been deleted. I found it by looking at your profile - GDPR conformity of the latest UE launcher update? - Unreal Engine Forums


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While the old thread is still there, what did ‘strangely vanish’ is this particular post: :confused:

Here’s hoping Epic aren’t trying to pull a Whois / ICANN ‘we-need-extension’ stunt. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously folks…Fortnite is a black hole on Epic resources but this can’t be put off. :wink:

@dottedfish – I’ve responded in your original thread.