GDPR conformity of the latest UE launcher update?

Hi, could a dev quickly confirm the latest update for the UE launcher is in agreement with the European GDPR?

To be frank here instead of improved social analytics I’d expect less or no analytics. Especially seeing how agressive Tim Sweeny has been regarding how Microsoft acted.

Also in conformity to the right of access outlined by the GDPR - could you enlighten us as to what social data is actually being gathered and analyzed here?

05-09-2018, 01:03 PM
Portal 7.9.4 5/09/2018

Build Info: 7.9.4-4058369+++Portal+Release-Live

  • Improved social analytics


**- <BUMP> -

…Less than 2 weeks to go…**

The launcher collects the number of different accounts in use, but no other information about those accounts. We primarily use this data to plan improvements to friend connection and discovery features.