GDCE 2015: Blueprint Components to C++

Are there any planes to share the GDC Europe talk “UE4 Component Design: From Blueprint Prototype to C++”?
It would be a very helpful to a lot of people.
Sadly I only found the slides so far.

Hello Matze,

Sorry for my late reply - I just got back from vacation!

We did not record the talk on video, but I am planning to clean up and publish the Visual Studio project files and source code soon.

That sounds good. Would be of great help to me.
Thanks a lot.

I’ll try to get it up this weekend. Stay tuned!

A cleaned up and heavily documented version of the HoverPlugin project is now available on GitHub. Please check the README for instructions and let me know if anything is unclear. As usual, pull requests for fixes and improvements are welcome. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!
This was really helpful and this is the best documented code I have ever seen :slight_smile: .
Are there any differences in the way plugins work between engine plugins and project plugins?

You’re welcome!

There are no differences between the two plug-in usages, other than project plug-ins will only be visible within your project, and Engine plug-ins can be used by all projects that use the same Engine installation.