GDC, McLaren features availible for everyone ?

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i was wondering if the Features they (was it epic it self or McLaren?) developed for the McLaren Car Configuration will be availible in a future version of the Unreal engine ?

Also i was wondering what the High precition/resolution Normals is about ? Never heard about it.


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anyone knows what exatrly high precition normals are ?
and will the .fbx import changes be available ?

I’m wondering that also. When I import scenes with large polycounts, or lots of objects Unreal is really unstable. I’d love to see more updates the FBX importer.

I’d be more interrested in the remote control features their car configurator uses (a Tablet controlling apparences which then render on the screen); but I’m having a hard time coming up with key words to search for. I’d be interrested in using it combined with GearVR, so that a tablet (most probably running Android) controls what the person wearing the GearVR sees.

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i would love if the materials setup was shared …

It was added in 4.12, check out documentation about Dual-Normal Clear Coat shading and High Quality Reflections

Actually i was talking about a project example with all the materials setup and ready to use .
another developper has mentionned that in some twitch videos .

nice find btw :stuck_out_tongue: