GCP workflow improvements - THANKS!

I would like to thank the RC team for the improvements in the GCP workflow, combined with the presence of the tutorial.

The workflow is not intuitive and the tutorial is essential.

Anyway the GCP registration is now very good, and works perfectly.

Moreover the process it’s now less error prone and very fast while in my former experience it was the opposite.

Thanks for the effort.


Hey Massimo,

Are you talking about this tutorial?  https://support.capturingreality.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001577032-How-to-geo-reference-the-scene-in-RealityCapture-using-ground-control-points-faster

It was quite useful!


Were you able to get the place GCPs onto 3D view? Mine only seem to be placed onto 2D images. Nothing happens when I drag the CP onto the 3D view or when I click “Alignment > Control Points” and place the mouse over the 3D view.

Hi Tim,

I have to test it…

I was amazed on how well the 2D workflow went after some basic registration. I have to test it more deeply…


Yeah, the 2D flow is nice. Especially once it suggests other photos and you can power through those with just up/down buttons.

Let me know how the 3D attempt turns out, please. Curious if it’s working for anyone.