Gaz Tiiger-M / Arbalet-DM

Gaz Tiger M  / Arbalet - DM weapon station.
Russian equivalent of Hummer
This version have  new remote-controlled weapon module called Arbalet-DM i think its adopted in late 2016, so its new module.
I didn’t want to model interior but i changed my mind so i modeled it but i didn’t find any picture of interior controls of weapon station so i used reference from older module.
The model have fully functional Front doors, rear doors, and top hatch  ( hinges and that good stuff so no floating doors )

This is third vehicle for my second Driveable vehicle pack for market place.
Soon i will finish the low poly and start working on blueprints
Any comments are welcome

Finished version and now to bring it to Unreal 4 engine and make it alive :slight_smile:

Last model for my pack i finished Kord, it will be mounted on vehicles so i took some shortcuts  as i mentioned it will be mounted in the mount so there is no point to add some things on sides and bottom.
If i model it for first person use, i will model it in full detail.

These assets look really good :slight_smile: