Gauntlet is an Action RPG that pits groups of up to players against a linear dungeon filled with enemies, traps, puzzles and bosses.

Gauntlet is a side project I started this week. The goal behind it is:

  • Learn the Gameplay Ability System in a networked Environment
  • Implement multiplayer online using AWS and Playfab
  • Implement relevant parts of the Wizards of the Coast D20 SRD into the ability system
  • Learn multiplayer Mod Support

This post is to create a bit of accountability and show weekly progress on my journey. The goal is to create a prototype using just a 1 Character then enable Mod support and try implementing the rest through it to ensure it’s flushed out enough.

I’ve worked with both AWS and Playfab in the past so the real challenge is taking point on them to understand their systems better and learning GAS/Mod Support.

This will be a long term project but so far it’s been fun.

Implemented Features

  • ALS V4 Character Locomotion

Progress Report:

  • Set up core classes.(Character, Controller, Game Mode, etc…)

  • Migrated and implemented ALS V4 with the mantling mechanics

  • Set up the Core Gameplay Ability System

  • Attribute set includes:

  • HP

  • Temp HP

  • Damage Taken

  • Level

  • ArmorClass

  • ProfeciencyBonus

  • Strength

  • Dexterity

  • Constitution

  • Intelligence

  • Wisdom

  • Charisma

With this I should be ready to set up some basic attacks and develop the d20 based attack system.

Not a huge amount of progress this week. Been super busy so I didn’t get a lot of time to dedicate to my side project.

I did make my first gameplay ability though. Been looking into tying things together in it. So far all it does is play an animation so I will be figuring out how to turn that animation into gameplay effects in the coming week.

Good luck on your game! I don’t think ALS is fully network replicated but I’m sure there are forked versions out there.

Another Hellish week but I got a little bit done. I managed to get my punch gameplay ability to trigger and detect via animation. It’s got the notify set up and the base for any number of weapons to be used. (Punch is just a invisible sphere to be used for collision)

I also imported all the gameplay tags I might want. From attack types, terrains, Creature types etc.

Is this a remake of the classic Gauntlet released on many platforms, many years back?

I loved that game. So badass.

No just a working title. Idea is that you would be running a gauntlet.