Gauntlet inspired FPS seeks 3D Animator for Monsters Attacks and more...

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[FONT=book antiqua]Description:

[FONT=book antiqua]Dragon’s Gold, Action Fantasy FPS+ inspired by Gauntlet, seeks a 3D Animator for Monsters Attacks and more.

Heroes dispatch monsters with a combination of a Melee (short range), Fire Weapon (Moderate/Long range), and Magic (Area effect). Encounter a large variation of Monster types and scale, each with their own combat tactics.

Talent Required:

[SIZE=5]3D Animator: Specializing in exaggerated realism for Bi-ped and Multi-ped Creature Animations. Monsters may possess one or more Attacks: Wall Climb, Aerial Attack[FONT=book antiqua][COLOR=#000000], Guards/Cover, Taunts, Deaths. [/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=book antiqua]Facial Animation: Jaw movement for Roars and Bites desired. [SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua][COLOR=#000000]Eye Rotation will be applied procedural.
[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=book antiqua]
Full Knowledge of UnrealEngine 4 Persona & Matinee Editor, Animation Blueprints, and SkelControls for procedural driven IK. All [FONT=book antiqua]Animations must extend on the default UE4 4.8 Humanoid Character Rig.[FONT=book antiqua]

[SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua][COLOR=#000000]All Monsters are essentially Were-beast, humanoid[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=book antiqua][SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua][COLOR=#000000] (biped) [/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=book antiqua][SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua][COLOR=#000000] or partial-humanoid(multi-ped)[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=book antiqua]. [FONT=book antiqua][SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua][COLOR=#000000]Examples:Minotaur, Harpies, Centaurs, Werewolves, Medusi (serpent body), Were Spider-men, Others[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Monster’s 3D Mesh body to be assembled using a custom technique: [/COLOR]Collage Construction Method (aka GOLEMCraft).



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Skype: techlord_on_skype[/SIZE]

Hey Tech, looks like a fun project. Just for reference, can you give an idea of the scope of the job? How many models need to be animated? Is it just the monsters or are you also looking for animations for the first person camera, weapons, etc?

Please use your previous thread for this project instead of starting a new one: