Gauntlet Automation Documentation - 2 pages that say nothing

There are 2 pages in the documentation right now covering the topic of Gauntlet, but there might as well be nothing.

One of them is an example of how to run an existing Gauntlet test against an example project; but the location of the project in the documentation is wrong (It’s under the “Learn” tab of the marketplace in case anyone reading this is still trying to find it; it took me a day). I managed to get the ElementalDemoTest example running against ElementalDemo sample project, but there is no information about where or how to extend or add more Gauntlet automation. I tried straight up copying the ElementalDemoTest.cs file to my project and changing the class name, and still have no idea how to get Gauntlet to find/run it.

The other page is an overview of the main classes that make up the framework; I find it easier to just read through the source code than look at the page, as it says very little other than the class names. I usually don’t recommend requiring people to look at source code to figure out what is happening, but this page says so little that you’re better off spending days reading through the source code for Gauntlet, and it still won’t really get you anywhere.

Trying to run

 RunUAT RunUnreal -help 

provides no output. Not even a list of the command line args.

The documentation has no examples of how to extend or customize, and has outdated/wrong references to file/project locations in something that is less than 6 months old. After a lot of digging, I saw some references in the release notes for 4.23 saying there is an example of how to customize gauntlet in the EngineTest project, but as far as I can tell, there is no EngineTest project.

This has been advertised in the release notes since 4.21, and after over a week of trying to figure out how to add one simple .cs file that opens and closes the game, I feel like I’m no further than I was before I even heard the name Gauntlet. The only way I can think of to get it to work would be to add my tests directly in the engine code and then recompile the whole thing, but we’re using a release version of the engine with a pretty strict requirement to extend the engine but not change it, and shouldn’t be required to rebuild the engine every time we want to add a simple test file.