[GAUGING INTEREST] Small Blueprint Projects for the Marketplace | What do you want to see?

Hey there party people (:

To the ones that don’t know me yet:

My name is Cedric ‘eXi’ and i’m a Blueprint and C++ (and other languages as well) coding developer
with +1 year experience with the Unreal Engine 4.
I already created the “Lobby Chat Group”](https://www.unrealengine.com/content/0ba6e65c1474472cbdf1d8b7505dcc92) Project,
which is available on the Marketplace for about 6 weeks now.

I love creating small projects and teaching people (you will most likely find me spamming the Blueprint and C++ section as well as the AnswerHUB).

This combined i would love to create small Blueprint Projects that you could purchase on the Market.


So why this thread?

I want to hear what YOU guys and girls want to have on the Market. But only Blueprint Project that involve coding.
I’m not familiar with the Material Editor or the Particle System.
But i’m pretty good with the overall Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay Framework, UMG and Networking.

So if you miss something on the Market, please leave me a small answer describing what you want to see.
And keep in mind, that it shouldn’t get too big. I want to create small packages that aren’t as expensive as my first one
and can be bought as single packages and not together with 3-4 other systems that a customer might not need.

My main goal is to teach you people something, so the Blueprints will always be VERY WELL commented.
For reference, you can look into my main thread of the already released Marketplace Project: Click me please!
I also create (if necessary) blueprint tutorials Assets that contain information about used classes and ways to use the system in your own style.

So you won’t get a wall of nodes that you need days to understand!


What kind of projects do you mean?

I mean projects like “Super Mario Galaxy Gravity System for Planets”, “SaveGame System showing of how to save/load a complete world”,
“Character Selection” and yeah, other ‘small’ things like that.

I would really love to hear about some nice ideas.
They can also contain UMG, so if you want some be done in UMG, like a cool Menu, i can do that (as long as Blueprints allow it).
Learning and trying out new things always pump me up! And yes, i’m still learning, but the things i learn contain “Most efficient way to create this or that”.

What i don’t want to create
are things like “Templates for a specific kind of GameGenere (RTS, MOBA, FPS, etc)”, because they take way too much time and there are already plenty
on the Marketplace or at least on the way to it.


You have question about this thread or me?

Feel free to ask me (: I would be happy to answer all questions that come along regarding these topics.

Hi this is a quick post whilst I am at work on my lunch break xD
I would love to see-

  1. Dedicated server Blueprint for those that want to host a game on a server or if possible without launching the standalone game.
  2. Questing system
  3. Micro transaction system? not sure if possible.
  4. Intelligent AI, Follow, Defend etc.

These are some some stuff I would be interested in, not sure if these are possible by blueprint :stuck_out_tongue:

Leaderboard would be interesting :smiley:

  1. What exactly do you want there? (: As far as i know, you need C++ at least to build the Dedicated Server (there’s a tutorial for it).
    Though you don’t need to program any logic in C++. You can perform any logic in Blueprints regarding a Dedicated Server game without C++.
    So as long as you treat the server like a dedicated server and not as a listen server (where he is a client) you are good to go.
    Maybe you need to explain this request a bit more to me (:

  2. That sounds interesting. A Quest System of which sort? Like the vanilla World of Warcraft one, where you have NPCs that give you quests, a Questlog
    and Gold/Items which you receive when fulfilling the Quest. And quests would be collecting things or slaying monsters?

  3. You mean getting InGame Gold or other currency with real money? I haven’t touched that topic yet. That could be a more mobile suited thing. I can
    look into it but i’m not sure if a project is suited for this.

  4. And AI is a good idea and a much requested thing. So if setting up the basics (Behavior Tree) etc is already learned, i could make a more complex AI
    with state System etc for you to toy around with. But i would need an exact list of features this AI should cover, so i can sum up what i need and how long
    it takes!

Thanks so far for the input! (:

Leaderboard in what form? A Highscore board where you save the best 10 results of an endless runner?
Or do you mean a Scoreboard where the kills of players from an FPS are displayed? (My current Marketplace Project has such a thing with FreeForAll and Teammatch Maps)

I was thinking about something like that.

Hm yeah, this is already a part of my current Marketplace project. I could make a single project only containing this, but you can imagine that
this wouldn’t be good for me :smiley:

(Reference picture from current project: Click me!)

A nice fully implemented cover system, and an AI that use it :slight_smile: I mean something like a sample Uncharted shootout. Character that moves, shoot, and able to cover. And the enemie doing the same.

-Maybe procedural gray-boxed level generation system?
-I dont’ know how to say this in english but i’ll try to explain myself: When you play a song in some media players sometimes you see some bars that scale up or down depending on several parts of the audio, like the beats or bass, etc. It’d be good to have a system that allowed to identify these things from a song being played in the game. For example in Geometry dash there are little circles in the level that grow in radius every beat. So the BP would call an event every beat, then would call an event for a bass sound, etc

The AI System is a good thing. Like a said, i list of AI features would be nice.

You want an AI that first is idling. On sight it should search for cover in its near environment, right?
That could be a thing, but keep in mind that i’m a coder.

So you won’t have any Models for the AI.
I will use the standard model without any new animation. It will really only be about the code/blueprint to
search cover and take it. I hope that is understandable :smiley:

There are already level generation systems on the way to the market. Way better than i could ever do it.

Look at this wonderful peace of work: Dungeon-Architect by Ali Akbar

I guess this is not possible with Blueprint only, since i would need several additional header files etc :X

Ok so, i guess i will start with a QuestSystem, although i have no overview of already existing ones. I will first check if nothing is already on the way to the Market.

Please keep posting ideas about such Systems and again keep in mind that they shouldn’t get too big!

EDIT: Ok, there really is a QuestSystem (: You might want to check it! Quest and Dialogue System by Svyatoslav Kokurin

As a blueprint developer I would love to have something that easily makes it possible for people to have a key binding menu.

  1. I mean where you can make a server without needing to open the game, I’ll look at it and a few friends of mine have servers that they want to host a few games for me if that helps xD

  2. Yes and I was thinking both :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. I mean like buying items like character skins for people like me who are making a free-to-play game xD Was thinking about it but I researched and couldn’t find much tbh :confused:

  4. Where the AI searches for the player or players and can cover, run away, throw grenades etc. and where the ‘Skill’ will vary so all the AI isn’t like a aimbotter so we can have like noobie, mediocre and skilled AI so it feels like your playing with actual players.

This was already made by Rama if i’m not mistaken. Check our this thread! (: Rama-s-Extra-Blueprint-Nodes-for-You-as-a-Plugin-No-C-Required

I’m pretty sure you just mean a dedicated server :open_mouth: Try to google how to create a dedicated server for UE4. This is nothing that can be done with a Blueprint Marketplace Project ):

I will just quote myself here ):

If this, by any chance, is not satisfying, i can think about making a second one, but for now, i would love you to check out his project first (:

I’m pretty sure you can’t find something about this, because it is not that easy at all. You will need to link a complete money transfer system with accounts etc to it. And then
process this all together with giving this specific player the skins. I can assure you that this is not possible in Blueprints only. At least i can’t think about any node that would
give you a way of performing such an action (only maybe something from the mobile google play things or so). You also need an account database etc.

Yes, ok, i will write that one down. Will still wait for more ideas by you and other people.

Please try to think about more standard systems, that don’t need C++ or any third party software/library.

Think about games you might want to recreate and you want to know how a specific element worked (like the gravity of Super Mario Galaxy, the Battle System of Pokemon or such things).

I’m also trying to think about new things for the market (it’s not like i’m only letting you do the work :D), but couldn’t come up with things that aren’t already
on the Market.

Maybe playing around in other games will give me some ideas.

A nice matchmaking system would be very welcome in the marketplace…

I could be way more specific in the request, but a basic one that gets the player’s profile and some simple statistics - better: parameters that the developer could easily set - would fit for prototyping.