[GAUGING INTEREST] Ladder Motion Capture Animation Pack

Hi all,
Originally posted this over in WIP, thought it might get more views in this forum instead. Thanks to those who have already checked it out and responded.

We have some solid basic ladder data we captured a while back. Discussion in our Ninja 01 Mocap Pack post showed interest in quality “air” animations (ladders, wall climbing, etc.) and specifically ladder motion we might have in the archives already. Found it. :slight_smile: The actor is Brandon, one of our Ninjas.

We’d like to see if there’s enough interest to process these out to a polished pack for the Market. We will likely make the standing pose match the Ninja Pack so it can be a seamless addition.

Good solid set of captures to pull a set of animations from. Including:

ascent loop,
descent loop,
stand to ascend,
descend to stand,
stand backwards to descend,
stand forwards to descend,
ascend to stand,
jump off to stand, (jump off, air loop, landing)
jump off to stand 180, (jump off, air loop, landing)
run to jump on

If you’ve never looked at cloud data before, trust me it makes more sense in motion.
Please check out the video of the raw marker data here:


Would you like to see these as an animation pack? Please let us know and show your interest and support with comments. If we get enough show of hands we’ll process and edit them into a nice pose matched set of motions for the Marketplace.

Please let us know any other animation packs you’d like to see as well, we’re all ears!


Hey !
I am interested :slight_smile:
Just don’t go crazy with price hah :slight_smile:

Hi, have you published climb animations?

Ah, no not yet. Those came up again the other day, so yes I would like to get them made! And not with a crazy price. So many other things have been taking rank, but thanks for the reminder.

On that subject, big announcement later today, our new Multiplayer TPS Blueprints are coming out shortly, and the FREE full playable demo map will be available immediately and playable over Steam with up to eight players!

Stay tuned please…


Looks good, when my ladder system is out ill make sure to make a tutorial to show people how to apply this pack to it.

Great, thanks! It won’t be anything extensive, but it will have the basics shown in the data video broken up into its loops and transition components. Should be a solid set.

FYI I’m fixing a few minor last minute bugs with our MP TPS demo, should make a forum post and have it available later today. I put a lot of time into make it enjoyable and entertaining, should be a fun level to play! Personal bias noted. :slight_smile:


Did you guys every post the Ladder Animations? Or are they on your site?


New thread:

For anyone still monitoring this old thread…
Finally, after five years and Covid madness delays, the Ladder Pack(s) is here.

Very nice detailed motion capture, suitable for cinemas. Three different complete ladder sizes based on industry standards, to suit a wide range of buildings.…pro-mocap-pack

Ladder Pro - Mocap Pack
198 Animations - Root Motion and In Place - 396 files

Also available as Individual OSHA 12/ ISO 230/ ISO 400** Packs.
Highlight Video: Ladder Video](
******NEW! MCO 3D Animation Player: Ladder Animations](
Detailed Animation List: Ladder Pro List](
Includes all 3 Ladder Sizes:
OSHA 12" Rise - Common US standard
ISO 230mm Rise - International minimum spec.
ISO 400mm Rise - International maximum spec.
Wide range for many buildings and projects, each size with its own complete and identical set of animations.
• **Ladder Meshes included **- the correct size ladders to start with and use in your project. Stackable to be extended.
• Separate Ascending/Descending motions, since those use muscles creating different postures and movement.
• All mirrored Left and Right Foot Up - Any combination of movement for any Rung or Hand/Foot position.
198 Animations - Root Motion and In Place - 396 files - INCLUDING:
• Ascending/Descending Loops and Stop transitions
• Idles and Idle Fidgets
• Ascending/Descending reverse transitions
• Mount/Dismount from Platform above. Including 180 turn and mount
• Step On/Off from below
• Jog and Jump on ladder, Low and High positions
• Drop/Jump/180 Jump Off - Split Jumps for extended long falls.
BONUS - Animations from our Mobility Pack included!
BONUS - MotusMan and MotusWoman Skeletal Meshes using 100% stock UE4 Skeleton, included!

Animation Assets, Skeletal Meshes and Ladder Meshes only.
Video Environment: “Sci-Fi Buildings Vol_1” by VisionyX](


wow this dates back haha nice work.

Yes, it’s an oldie. :slight_smile: Besides other delays (life etc.) it turned out more complex than I anticipated to make everything function together well and number of animation pieces, and I thought one “size” was too limiting, certainly for folks doing quality cinemas and not procedurally hacking/altering the movement in an animation “system”. Plus, having 3 very different size “rises” makes for more choices as a starting point for a procedural system, I would assume.

BTW - sent you a PM.


******Individual OSHA 12"](Ladder OSHA 12 - Mocap Pack in Animations - UE Marketplace)/ISO 230mm](Ladder ISO 230 - Mocap Pack in Animations - UE Marketplace)/ISO 400mm](Ladder ISO 400 - Mocap Pack in Animations - UE Marketplace) Packs.