[GAUGING INTEREST] COVID-26: Co-op Zombie Horde Survival FPS (Low Poly)

Anyone interested in teaming up to crank out ‘COVID-26’ a 4 Player Coop Zombie Horde Survival FPS?

The Plan:

  1. Use FPS Multiplayer Template.
  2. Swap out with low poly Character Meshes.
  3. Add a Multiplayer Horde Spawner.
  4. Generate City with Procedure City Generator.
  5. Publish Online in 14 Days for FREE.

My progress in under 24 hrs, since starting this post

Join me to help polish! If interested, contact me.

Yeah, I’m going to say too soon

Why would you do this? People are dying.

Perhaps I’m dying and that’s why I’m doing this?

Fair enough.

My cousin is hospitalized.
She was on a cruise last December.

A middle finger from Italy

Moved this to better place.

Sorry to hear that [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] I dont know your cousin. My heart goes out to her and you. Wishing speedy recovery.

Please sanitize that finger. Thanks for the support.

Seeking the assistance of a

  1. Animation Blueprints Guru
  2. 2D Art for GUI

If interested, contact me within 8 days as of 03/13/2020.

yeah… change the name, this isn’t the dark web… i realize that gaming is largely built around violence and brutality, but personalizing it seems a bit too far to me… it’s an interesting subject, but i’m sure even TMZ would say ‘too early’… but it looks like a well built game, cudos for that… hmm, how far is too far, or is a restriction of freedoms… interesting subject

@northstar. Thank you for the kudos. Perhaps, I’m personally impacted. Some write letter/dairies, blog, vlog, etc. . . I make games.

Q-Day #9

Join me to help polish! If interested, contact me.

Folks there is reason I moved this to offtopic. It was a bit too far for seeking job forum, but now in offtopic subforum this does not break any rules, so please be civil.


Q-DAY #18

Tumble Weed AI

Brother you chose the wrong time to post this lol.

This is the perfect time. Take a second look. Go deeper than the surface (beyond my controversial title). This is a game about Mankind standing up to and defeating a Alien Virulence, against insurmountable odds. I develop in defiance. We will conquer it.

Yeh I got stage 4 cancer, because I had a bowel cancer the size of a small apple cut out, and lucky I don’t need a stoma bag, but the cancer reached the nods but no idea how long that been going for, so my cancer could start forming in the liver, lung, brain who knows, so COVID - 19 I may catch without me knowing, I had been coffing and sneezing now and then, but I cannot say I have it, cops do fine for making up I have COVID - 19, so I say nothing. So I learnt using will power to not to cough and sneeze in public.

you have a point