[GAUGING INTEREST] Blueprint Quest System


So since i have some free time left in my schelude and i really want to work on some RPG Features i was wondering how interested the community would be in a Blueprint Based Quest System

Features / Goals

  • Fully Node Based : Quests are created and managed trough their own blueprint, with a series of event nodes to update & change any event inside the quest or cause events on a completly different quest

  • Event Based: The quest system will include a list of events that can be used to create quests of any type, with any type of conditions and objectives such as (Kill a enemy, Retrieve a Object, Reach
    X spot, etc). The nodes themselfs are also highly customizeable so you can create your own type of behavior and quest objectives

  • Modular: The Quest System isnt aimed at any type of game so it can be used in pretty much any genre that has any sort of objective-meeting criteria (FPS Objects, RPG Quests, Missions etc )

  • Quest Log / Journal: i will include a basic UMG Based quest log so you can switch between your active quests, check old quests or the current objective of your current quest

TL:DR, This is just a system so you can create Quests / Objectives for any kind of game and genre using blueprints, as well manage each quest on its own blueprint so everything is organized :slight_smile:

So yeah let me know what you guys think!, im also open to feature requests!

Hi, alvarofer0020

Very interesting :cool:. Could you implement in UMG one section for the World Map with dynamic waypoints for quest missions?


Definately interested ! :slight_smile:

lunyBunny:I Do could add something like that, in that case i would definitly include World Map where you can see waypoints to your quests