[gauging interest] Anime characters anyone?

Hey Everyone,

Jon Jones started a thread over here where he talked about how one of the things they’d like to see more submissions for was (rigged and ready) characters. That was interesting for me because I do a bit of character stuff on the side but it didn’t seem like something that a lot of people would be interested in here in the marketplace. But after reading the thread above I thought “Doesn’t cost anything to ask I guess”.

My last character was an Anime character for a monthly Polycount challenge that seemed to turn out ok (screenshots below). So I was thinking, if I did an anime character pack with a generic male and female character, couple of different hair styles each, couple of different outfits each, and set em all up to work with the blue dudes animations, is that something that people would be interested in?

Pricewise, I figured I could hock the pack off for somewhere between 20 and 50 dollars depending on how much people thought they were worth. On the tech level I use 3D-Coat and Blender 3D and don’t see the harm in providing the project files as well (if that’s allowed?).

Anyways, here’s the screenshots of “Cocoa” from the Polycount challenge, let me know what you think…


If you’d like to see more details about how I made her, check out the wip thread at the 3D-Coat forums here

That is a very good model … I am not in to Anime so I probably wouldn’t be interested. But I thought your post warranted some feedback on it. Good job … got anymore?

Yeah I can do more realistic(ish) stuff, here’s my attempt at Felicity from the TV show Arrow:


The likeness is not as good as I was hoping for but the character is still ok… as you can see I lean towards low poly stuff too so they (should) work just as fine on mobile.

They’re not the best characters in the world but like Rasped hinted at over in the thread mentioned above, there’s triple A and then there’s “good enough”.

I guess I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who thought these types of characters were “good enough” :slight_smile:

Well now you are talking … I think people will be interested in this … I am now interested.

And the likeness is pretty good … I recognised her without reading your post first.

Do you do contract work? If yes, can you PM me with your rates … I might have some work for you.

As for your request about people being interested, maybe you should go to the “Got Skills. Looking for Talent” thread and post a link to your portfolio and some more examples of work … there should be a few people there who might want to get you to work with them on some projects.

Also why not release what you have as two separate packs … there is a distinct lack of content of this type in the Marketplace and I think you should release them without waiting for interest to be gauged. Unless you have too much work to still do on them and you don’t want to waste time.

Don’t watch TV so I didn’t know who she was; but I most certainly like the style. Keep it coming.

Just one more example, seeing how this is supposed to be a “would you buy characters like this” thread not a “hey wanna see everything I ever made” thread.

It’s an oldie but a goodie:


I recognized Felicity before I read it in your post, you really captured the likeness nice work. =)