Gatekeeper a survival horror game

Hello everyone,

Me and a couple of other guys are working on a game final name to be decided upon and would love to hear some feedback/opinions.
The game core is a co-op survival horror with puzzle elements and also includes elements such as crafting and building however it’s not primary focus on those.
This game will offer story though more with the approach where you have to find hints as to how to progress further instead of giving you a clear objective and pointing you to it.
The game will offer a bunch of different environments such as urban area, swamps, forests, etc and we will try to do a more of an approach on psychological level. Regarding the gameplay itself the world is covered in darkness so we are going for more of a reversed theme instead of hiding in the dark you hide in the light type of game while there will the game will not offer combat we want to more focus on it by surviving by crafting tools and solving different types of puzzles.
And of course we are planning on building the game alongside with the community we hope to deliver it to be as good of a product as we can.
Here is a trailer we made for it so far though it’s a very early build and a lot of things have improved and are still being improved on more or less it was a showcase of graphics and that we are actually working on it,Project Gatekeeper [WIP Demo01] - YouTube
And here is an image of a level we are working on for a demo so to speak.

Sorry I’m not sure how to display the image and youtube video here so if anyone does please let me know and I will fix it :).