GATE: Survival

Hello Everyone :).
We are seeking extra Animator, 3d Artist (Props/Environment), Writer & Level Designer.

About GATE: As a fresh soul to the Abyss you must use your ingenuity and killer instincts to stay alive and survive from monsters and other players. Summon Fiends to help aid you in your quest to become the Abyss Lord. Harvest resources, craft items unlocked by your fragmented memories, build bases with your Faction.

Please join discord if you are interested or send me a message :).

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Ones Ingenuity in the Abyss? Using the ingenuity instics is what you refer to, you serious? And btw, wich humans even have killer instincts, we are survivalists. Summon Fiends to aid you. Now this is seriously suprising. Do they have medical aid? Or rather are they facing the same challenge so those abyss fiends would rather help you first? Becoming a lord?

I get why you need a Writer & Level Designer. Story writer is what you are referring to, is it?