Gate node not closing when called

If you are running and your stamina is below or equal to 0 it will stop you from running. But it’s not doing this.

I beleie its because your ENTERING your gate ONLY if you ARE SPRINTING AND staminia >-0.0

It could also be that weird loop execution coming bacck around.

Take a rethink of how gates work I think you mightve mixed it up here. Re-read the documentation on flow controrl for gates.

You enter it first and then toggle it open/closed to allow the enter execution pulse to exit or not.

#1 tip add debug strings (and breapoints too maybe) everywhere so you know exactly when things are fireing when or not firing at all

Use and AND node and plug both of your bools to it, then plug the AND to the first Branch. Get rid of the other Branch and Gate. Now the branch will be true if your stamina is <=0 AND you are sprinting. Otherwise it will be false(which would be closing the gate)

Is there a way so I can always have it check to see if you can sprint? I also have this problem on having ammo for your weapon. If it’s 0 you can still shoot.

I need the gate however, because there is a loop to it that makes you lose stamina, it drains constantly not all in one take.