Gas Mask SFX

Hey folks,
So basically, I built a Gas Mask system. It has a sound effect for breathing, and a great HUD to let you know when you have your gas mask on.
The only think I’d like to add is to “feel” that you are wearing the mask. Like when you are inside a box and you feel like the sounds are attenuated somehow. Otherwise, the rest of the sounds will be playing like without a mask on, and that breaks the immersion.
Do you know how to implement this feature?

Thank you!

Hey there @iNeptuno! Unreal actually has a plugin specifically for Audio Modulation! It can actually modulate any sound in engine on the fly as long as the values are float or bool. Though it may be overkill.

The other alternative is Ambient Zones, but due to their nature of being set up for scene sounding and not so much changing anywhere, might not be the most applicable. Regardless, I’ll leave the documentation for both here, and I hope it helps!

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