Gas Ammo and Demolished items issue with inprogress Stack Mod

Hi, I’m new to modding with the Ark Dev kit, but I have been picking it up fairly quickly. I recently made a stack mod for my friend’s server for his Scorched Earth map and save for the no stacks for new content it works very well. I only have two problems with it. 1. Chainsaw does not load new gas item. Can this be fixed without SE Devkit items?. 2. When I destroy a structure the resources do not stack properly. They come out as the right resource, but only stack when you click and drag it over each other or you when dump it in a bin. I’m not really sure where to start with these issues. I looked for a few hours, but have come up with nothing so far.

I appreciate any help with this issue. Here is my setup in the Jpgs if it is of any use.

Primal Data

Engram and Items19b228a49189829cd2ec6da424b57376ed9b73d2.jpeg

Quite a ‘bump’ in the road still. Even changing Gasoline to type=ammo does nothing…still works in generator too. Don’t know what to make of that. As for the buildings- remaking them doesn’t work as I fixed another issue with charcoal by adjusting the campfire etc.

I believe you have to edit the chainsaw BP and the chainsaw weapon to change the ammo from the regular gasoline to the new bp you made. I had to do that with the slingshot when I changed the stone bp to increase the stak. On the slingshot weapon definition, I had to change the ammo to the new stone bp.

Yeah that is what I thought and how I also fixed the sling shot- I just didn’t include the image for that folder. It really does not seem possible without the SE content in the kit, but of course there is some way. And so I’m still searching and testing because I’ve seen other stack mods that the gasoline works with the Chainsaw. When I asked, I’ve gotten answers to search on these forums alas to no result as of yet. Hmmm… trade secret I’m sure. Guess I’ll keep at it even if it takes weeks.

That’s why stacks mods are not clean stackable mods they ar considered dirty mods

Its literally one checkbox on the child gas resource. This works for all stacked ammo types, leech blood, sap, etc. No need to modify weapons/tools. sZlM6o1.png

Wow, yep. That worked. It would be that simple and miss it. I wouldn’t have guessed that it would be under crafting or such. Anyways, thanks for your help- I was going in circles!