Garden Wars (Released on Steam!)

Just released today! It’s just PC at the moment but will be on Mac at some stage (pending the overlay fix from Valve/Epic), and also on mobile shortly.

It’s blueprint only (though I had to convert to a code project so that I could use the Advanced Sessions and JSON Query plugin), and took about a year. It shouldn’t have taken that long but I was in no rush and using it as a learning project for UE4, replication / multiplayer in general, and getting experience releasing on Steam. In that regard it has already been a success - but some revenue would be a bonus and a big help toward the next, much more ambitous project :slight_smile:

Send in the **GOAT **to eat your pesky neighbor’s plants, or maybe some Rabbits? It’s gardener vs gardener and you must do everything in your power to dominate the garden with your plants!

But watch out because your rival has the same idea… Perhaps it is best to concentrate on clearing the ground for your own plants to spread? Or try boosting your bee population to make your fruit grow faster? The more plants you have, the more juice you have to spend on TOTAL GARDEN DOMINATION!

Garden Wars puts you in the shoes of the gardening god. Easy to learn, but the more you play, the more you realize you will need a good strategy to completely rid the garden of your formidable foe’s foliage.


  • Play multi-player or single-player vs A.I.
  • Difficulty levels for all types of players
  • See how you rank in the world and among your friends
  • Fun, clean graphics
  • Many different level layouts change the strategy
  • Full set of achievements included

[screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]
[screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

Wow! your learning project in UE4 and you hit the Steam? That’s awesome, Congratulations!! :smiley:

Nice! Loving to see new, simple and beautiful games made with Unreal! Proving that UE4 is not just for the complex triple A realistic style. Good luck with this game! =D