Garden + Castle experience?


I am a Art student and I just discovered the amazing world of VR :slight_smile: and… I thought about doing a project with the Oculus Rift and I already
made the model for it and some renders. Its a 1920s style Manor surounded by a large garden. And I want to turn this into a VR experience for my graduation project.

BUT I never really worked with Unreal Engine so far and honestly think that this VR thing only works well if it looks realistic… So I am curious do you guys think
that its possible to turn this model into a VR model in … well lets say a few months of practice? And I was also curious if it is even possible to combine a full interior
of a castle with a full environment around it ? I do have experience with Rhino and Vray so … maybe thats an adventage

In Unreal you would use a modular approach for the architecture and sub-levels for interiors to get good performance in VR.
Look at the marketplace packs for similar goals (of course these are not on youre graphic design style), like: