"Gaps" between Spline Meshes - Offset in direction of meshes possible?

Hello guys,

I’m facing a bit of a problem right now trying to create blueprint-based fences.

My fence meshes, which I create via Blueprint, have gaps between them - when, actually, they should overlap.

This image will hopefully help illustrate the issue:

What I would like to achieve is the parts of the fence that are outlined in blue with the post that is outlined in red by several (3-4) inches.

However, in the blueprint, all I get in the Add Spline Mesh Component node is Offsets in X and Y directions - what I would need, however, is probably a Z-Offset, right?

Anyways, I’d really appreciate any input I could get on this.

Best regards and happy holiday season!

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So, the question here is How - on a purely realistic level.

A spline stretches and deforms. Those types of fences do not.
or if they do the height will chance at the very least.

Assuming as much means that a static mesh instead of a variable lenght spline would be a better solution.

That said, you can probably somewhat cheat this.

the spline should create a mesh with alpha for the fence, and the mesh for the stick on its control points.

if you are using full geometry that’s the same thing but its way harder to set it to truncate.
Instead, with a flat mesh, the material can handle the truncation regardless of how stretched a fence gets.

If that’s not what you are complaining about, then maybe the tilt on the x or y axis is causing the gaps?
looks to me like your mesh is just deformed, but it could be the angle of the shot…

HI there MostHost LA,

And thanks for your feedback.

Your correct, I appear to have run into more of a logical than a technical problem.

The basic issue is / was, that the collision or the “total lenght” of each segment is rigid; I was unable to let the fence pieces “overlap” with each other by x percent, since their lenght is what defines where the next element is created along the spline.

Alpha-Textures were not an option, unfortunately.

So, what I ended up doing was, to allow for a logically sound continuation of the fence by instead cutting the posts in half.

The result works just fine, although users will have to put a bit more effort into defining start / end points for each fence blueprint.

Best regards, merry x-mas & thanks again,